TRY 7000 Free Trial Sample (AAB0001)

This is a simple trial to allow interested SUA pilots to become familiar with the course structure and methodology as well as obtaining a feel for the significance of the subject matter of the PFCO Course series.
It includes information on how the courses work as well as selected extracts from the course series
The sample has a 7 day completion window to allow you the time to run through it a number of times
  • TRY 7001 COVID1.docx
  • TRY 7001 Course Navigation
  • TRY7002 Title Page
  • TRY7003 Course Foreword
  • TRY 7004 Messaging
  • TRY 7005 Air Navigation Orders ANO 2016 /2019
  • TRY 7006a Collision Avoidance
  • TRY 7006b Air Traffic Zones
  • TRY 7006c Co-ordinates
  • TRY 7006d Principles of Flight
  • TRY 7006e Weather
  • TRY 7007 Categorisation of small unmanned aircraft in the UK
  • TRY 7008 Drone use and the law
  • TRY 7009 Railways and Transport Safety Act
  • TRY 7010 SUA Commercial operation
  • TRY 7011 PFCO Course syllabus
  • TRY 7012 Regulatory bodies
  • TRY 7013 Privileges of the PFCO
  • TRY 7014 Completion
  • TEST 7000A Correcting Self Test
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "TEST 7000A Correcting Self Test"