(STEP B) PFCO6000 Practical Assignments and Flying Test (GPFCO6000)

This is the sixth and final Course of the PFCO Series. It addresses the CAA requirement for an Operations Manual and includes assignments that require completion prior to taking both the theory exam and the flying test
It has four parts
Part 1 Operations Manual
Part 2 Pre-planning Task Assignment
Part 3 Risk Assessment Assignment
Part 4 is divided into two sub sections (On site survey and Flying Test) to be completed at the flying test site
  • Messaging R2
  • PFCO 6000 Instructor Support Package.docx
  • PFCO6001 R2 The Practical Course Content
  • PFCO6002 R2 Operations Manual Requirement
  • PFCO 6003 R2 Manual Preparation and Templates
  • PFCO6004 R2 Manual Management and Revision Control
  • PFCO6005 R2 Assignment to complete - Construction of your own Manual
  • PFCO 6005A1 Templates
  • PFCO 6005A2 Standard Permission to Operate
  • PFCO 6005B The OSC Three Volumes
  • PFCO 6005C The Recommendation to the CAA
  • PFCO 6005D Guidance
  • PFCO 6005E Available Templates
  • PFCO 6005F The APUK Template
  • PFCO 6005G Alternative Templates
  • PFCO 6005H Dos and Donts
  • PFCO 6005J Review Transmittal Note
  • PFCO6006 The Pre-Planning Exercise
  • Objective Assessment
  • PFCO 6007 The Assigned Task
  • PFCO6007 R4 The Defined Task
  • PFCO6008 Pre-Plan A Study re The Defined Task
  • PFCO6009 Assessment Procedure re your Pre-Plan and Study
  • PFCO6010 What is Risk Assessment?
  • PFCO6011 A Definition of Risk Assessment
  • PFCO6012 The Objective Part of a Risk Assessment Analysis
  • PFCO6013 Mitigation of Risk
  • PFCO6014 Dynamic Aspect of Risk Analysis
  • PFCO6015 The Subjective Part of a Risk Assessment Analysis
  • PFCO6016 Rev 4 - Risk Assessment re the Defined Task
  • PFCO6017 Risk Assessment Template sample
  • PFCO6018 Assessment of your Risk Analysis Submission
  • PFCO6019 Emergency Response Review
  • PFCO6020 In Flight Emergencies
  • PFCO6021 Post Flight Emergencies
  • PFCO6022 Emergency Action Check Lists
  • PFCO6023 Emergency Action Check Lists Scenarios 1, 2,3 and 4
  • PFCO6024 Practical Flight Training and Flying Test
  • PFCO6025 Manufacturers Recommendations and Operating Guides
  • PFCO6026 Aircraft Handling Characteristics
  • PFCO6026a On -Site Survey to Complete in advance of Flying Test
  • PFCO6027 Site Survey Exercise - Assessment of your Submission
  • PFCO6028 Your Flying Test
  • BORON Verification Test 60 Questions
  • BEECH Re-sit Verification Test 60 Questions
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed