(STEP A.5) PFCO5000 UAV Specific Knowledge and Operational Procedures (FPFCO5000)

This Course is the fifth part of a six part series designed to train pilots of Small Unmanned Aircraft with a mass not exceeding 20kg to the standard required by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for a grant of a Permission for Commercial Operation (PFCO). That is a permission to operate a UAV on a commercial basis.
The objective is to ensure that pilots understand the theoretical considerations as applicable to UAV operation and the minimum skill level required to pass the flying exam. The Course outlines the methodology required for formalised operational planning and operational procedure definition.
Successful completion of this Course and the associated self-tests will present the pilot with the opportunity to attend for the theoretical exam and flying test together with the practical coaching in respect of Operations Manual and Safety Case Preparation Sections of PFCO6000.
  • PFCO5000A Course Welcome
  • PFCO5000B Course Navigation
  • PFCO Messaging (clone)
  • PFCO5001 Operating Manuals
  • PFCO5002 Radio Control Frequencies
  • PFCO5003 Multirotor Flight Controls
  • PFCO5004 Flight Control Modes
  • PFCO5005 Automated Flight Patterns
  • PFCO5006 Operational Envelope
  • PFCO5007 Geo Fencing
  • PFCO5008 System Management
  • PFCO5009 Flight Procedures and Drills
  • PFCO5010 In Flight Checks
  • PFCO5011 Operational Procedures
  • PFCO5012 Pre-Mobilisation Work Plan
  • PFCO5013 Pre- Plan Study and Check List
  • PFCO5014 Risk Assessment Overview
  • PFCO5015 On Site Survey Plan and Check List
  • PFCO5016 Operational Procedures
  • PFCO5017 Altitude Settings
  • PFCO5018 Geo-Fence and Failsafe Systems
  • PFCO5019 Aircraft Airworthiness and Inspection
  • PFCO5020 Weather Considerations
  • PFCO5021 In Flight Management
  • PFCO5022 Post Flight Checks
  • PFCO5023 Emergency Procedures
  • PFCO5024 Incident Reporting
  • PFCO5025 Course Completion and Self Test
  • TEST5000A Corrected Self Test
  • TEST5000B Corrected Self Test
  • TEST5000C Corrected Self Test
  • TEST5000D Uncorrected Self Test
  • TEST5000E Uncorrected Self Test
  • TEST5000F Uncorrected Self Test
  • EXAM BLUE Self Certified 72 Question Exam with Password
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "EXAM BLUE Self Certified 72 Question Exam with Password"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever