(STEP A.4) PFCO4000 Human Factors and Weather Considerations (EPFCO4000)

This Course is the fourth part of a six part series designed to train pilots of Small Unmanned Aircraft with a mass not exceeding 20kg to the standard required by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for a grant of a Permission for Commercial Operation (PFCO). That is a permission to operate a UAV on a commercial basis.
The objective is to make pilots aware of the role played by human physiology and the weather on flying operations.
Successful completion of this Course and the associated self-tests will permit progression to the next course module PFCO5000 UAV Specific Knowledge and Operational Procedures.
  • PFCO4000A Course Welcome
  • PFCO4000B Course Navigation
  • PFCO Messaging (clone)
  • PFCO4001 Human factors Medical Fitness
  • PFCO4002 Illness, Medication and Alcohol
  • PFCO4003 Mental Attitude and Crew Interaction
  • PFCO4004 Eyesight, Hearing and Comfort
  • PFCO4005 The Working Environment
  • PFCO4006 Client Pressures
  • PFCO4007 Weather Terminology
  • PFCO4008 Abbreviations
  • PFCO4009 Atmospheric Pressure
  • PFCO4010 Weather Pressure Charts
  • PFCO4011 Altitude and Air Pressure
  • PFCO4012 Pressure Systems
  • PFCO4013 Effect of the Earth's Rotation
  • PFCO4014 Different Types of Air Mass
  • PFCO4015 Cloud Formation
  • PFCO4016 Frontal Weather Systems
  • PFCO4017 Anticyclones
  • PFCO4018 Dew Point and Precipitation
  • PFCO4019 Types of Cloud
  • PFCO4020 Thunderstorms
  • PFCO4021 Turbulence Effects
  • PFCO4022 Higher Risk Weather Conditions
  • PFCO4023 Weather Forecasts
  • PFCO4024 Self Test Programme
  • TEST4000A Corrected Self Test
  • TEST4000B Corrected Self Test
  • TEST4000C Corrected Self Test
  • TEST4000D Uncorrected Self Test
  • TEST4000E Uncorrected Self Test
  • TEST4000F Uncorrected Self Test
  • TEST4000G Uncorrected Self Test
  • TEST4000H Uncorrected Self Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed