(STEP A.3) PFCO3000 Principles of Flight and Airmanship and Aviation Safety (DPFCO3000)

This Course is the third part of a six part series designed to train pilots of Small Unmanned Aircraft with a mass not exceeding 20kg to the standard required by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for a grant of a Permission for Commercial Operation (PFCO).That is a permission to operate a UAV on a commercial basis.
The objective is to give pilots a basic understanding of the Principles of Flight and essential elements of Airmanship and Aviation Safety as applicable to airspace users.
Successful completion of this Course and the associated self-tests will permit progression to the next course module PFCO4000 Human Factors and Weather.
  • PFCO3000A Course Welcome
  • PFCO3000B Course Navigation
  • PFCO Messaging (clone)
  • PFCO3001 Rev 1 Basic Terms
  • PFCO3002 Rev 1 Forces on a fixed wing aircraft
  • PFCO3003 Rev 1 Multi Rotor Aircraft
  • PFCO3004 Centre of Gravity
  • PFCO3005 Effect of Payload
  • PFCO3006 Stability
  • PFCO3007 Energy Considerations
  • PFCO3008 Airmanship Introduction, Flight Logs
  • PFCO3009 Planning and Preparation
  • PFCO3010 Safety of the Public
  • PFCO3011 Public Safety and Energy
  • PFCO3012 Insurance and Third Party Liability
  • PFCO3013 Self Test and Progress
  • TEST3000A Corrected Self Test
  • TEST3000B Corrected Self Test
  • TEST3000C Corrected Self Test
  • TEST3000D Uncorrected Self Test
  • TEST3000E Uncorrected Self Test
  • TEST3000F Uncorrected Self Test
  • TEST3000G Uncorrected Self Test
  • TEST3000H Uncorrected Self Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed