(STEP A.2) PFCO2000 Chart Reading,Navigation and Airspace Operation (CPFCO2000)

This Course is the second part of a six part series designed to train pilots of Small Unmanned Aircraft with a mass not exceeding 20kg to the standard required by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for a grant of a Permission for Commercial Operation(PFCO). That is a permission to operate a UAV on a commercial basis.
The objective is to make pilots aware of the principles of navigational map and chart construction and the methodology for their interpretation. The course also includes explanations of UK Airspace designation and control.
Successful completion of this Course and the associated self-tests will permit progression to the next course module PFCO3000 Principles of Flight, Airmanship and Aviation Safety.
  • PFCO2000A Course Introduction
  • PFCO2000B Course Navigation
  • PFCO Messaging (clone)
  • PFCO2001 Basic Terms
  • PFCO2002 Global Positioning Systems
  • PFCO2003 GPS Accuracy
  • PFCO2004 Chart and Map Co-ordinate Systems
  • PFCO2005 Elipsoid and co-ordinates
  • PFCO2006 WGS 84 and OSGB 36 Ellipsoids
  • PFCO2007 Ordnance Survey and the British Grid System
  • PFCO2008 100km x 100km squares
  • PFCO2009a OS Grid References
  • PFCO2009b OS Grid References down to less than 1 metre
  • PFCO2010 Google Earth Pro
  • PFCO2011 CAA UK VFR Aviation Charts 1:500,000 Series
  • PFCO2012 CAA UK VFR Charts 1:250,000 Series
  • PFCO2013 ATZ and MATZ
  • PFCO2014 Prohibited and Danger Areas
  • PFCO2015 Obstacles and Danger Areas
  • PFCO2016 Aerodromes, Airspace and AIAA
  • PFCO2017 Low Flying Military Aircraft
  • PFCO2018 Web Based Resources
  • PFCO2019 Airspace Operating Principles Introduction
  • PFCO2020 UK Airspace Overview
  • PFCO2021 Classification of UK Airspace
  • PFCO2022 Airspace Chart Interpretation CTA and ATZ
  • PFCO2023 The Airspace Envelope
  • PFCO2024 Aerodrome Traffic Zone
  • PFCO2025 RAF Marham MATZ
  • PFCO2026 Gliding and Parachuting Sites
  • PFCO2027 Airspace Restrictions and Limitations
  • PFCO2028 Prohibited Areas
  • PFCO2029 GVS and HIRTA Sites
  • PFCO2030 Areas of Intense Aerial Activity
  • PFCO2031 Temporary Airspace Reservations
  • PFCO2032 Obtaining Information and Approvals
  • PFCO2034 Course Completion Notes
  • TEST2000A Corrected Self Test
  • TEST2000B Corrected Self Test
  • TEST2000C Corrected Self Test
  • TEST2000D Uncorrected Self Test
  • TEST2000E Uncorrected Self Test
  • TEST2000F Uncorrected Self Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed