PFCO1000 Air Law, Regulations and Responsibilities (BPFCO1000)


This Course is the first part of a six part series designed to train pilots of Small Unmanned Aircraft with a mass not exceeding 20kg to the standard required by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for a grant of a Permission for Commercial Operation (PFCO). That is a permission to operate a UAV on a commercial basis.
The objective is to make pilots aware of the UK Legal requirements, Rules,Regulations and Responsibilities as applicable to such a Permission.
Successful completion of this Course and the associated self-tests will permit progression to the next course module PFCO2000 Chart Reading plus Navigation and Airspace Operating Principles.

  • PFCO1000 Course Foreword
  • PFCO1001 Course Outline
  • PFCO1002 Course Navigation
  • PFCO Messaging
  • PFCO1000C CAP 1627 and Flight training
  • PFCO1003 Rev 3 Introduction
  • PFCO1003GR1 Abbreviations and Glossary
  • PFCO1004R2 Aviation Regulation Overview
  • PFCO 1005 Air Navigation Order 2016 and 2019 Amd
  • PFCO1005a R3 Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2019 CAP 1763
  • PFCO1006 Rev1 CAP 722
  • PFCO1007 Rev 1 Amendment 2019 Congested Areas
  • PFCO1008 Railways and Transport Safety Act
  • PFCO1009 R3 Responsibilities
  • PFCO1010 Rev 1 SUA Remote Pilot
  • PFCO1011 Collision Avoidance
  • PFCO1011Amd Night Flying Operations
  • PFCO1012 Complaints and Investigations
  • PFCO1013 Aviation Functions
  • PFCO1014 Rev 1 Self Testing Procedure
  • Test1000A Corrected Self Test
  • Test1000B Corrected Self Test
  • Test1000C Corrected Self Test
  • Test1000D Uncorrected Self Test
  • Test1000E Uncorrected Self Test
  • Test1000F Uncorrected Self Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed